19 aprile 2018


That morning I woke up in a good mood, I had a wonderful dream, I had dreamed of being at the Fontana sisters' atelier, where they treated me with all regards, the owners themselves undid to satisfy my desires as if I were the wife of the President . The white, red, green, yellow, blue clothes passed in front of me as the ready meals come out of the door of a restaurant kitchen and I casually drove them away with a simple and slow gesture of my fingers. Owners and shop assistants were in despair, out of the corner of my eye I saw them making exorcisms when in general excitement they opened the box of a new dress or a new pair of shoes or a handbag, because even that was important, she had to act as "Parure" both with the dress and with the shoes, but also with the lipstick of my lips why not: do we forget the dyed bottom and the eyeshadow of my eyes? Certainly that dream gave vent to a whole series of hidden and compressed desires that I had cradled since I was a child, so much so that I had not stopped playing with Barbie even when the age no longer greener would have suggested me to do so.
      A few days have passed since that fantastic awakening, maybe even months, but I used to look at myself as beautiful, elegant, respected, admired, desired as I would have been if that dream had also foreseen the purchase of that fantastic suit that I had so longed for since even being able to imagine seeing him on me, because the dream broke first.

It was yesterday morning that, walking through the windows that enclosed my dreams, I was almost dazzled ... there it was the suit that had been denied even in the dream !!! That particular tone of red that seems inseparable from the blond hair was there on display, all for me. There was also a handbag and a small bench with a central stain of the same color and framed in brown. The joy was enormous! In the lust for being able to see it from all sides and in all the details I poked my head over the allowed and I crashed against the glass that didn't break just because it was bulletproof. Perhaps it was that blow that convinced me to buy. Yes, I bought it, I took it home and in excitement I wore it without taking into account that black cat that crossed my path when I returned. When I was full of joy I took Via del Corso and I was so caught up in watching if I was watched that I didn't notice the danger that was looming over me. I saw her when she was only a few steps away and I could no longer avoid her. A desperate rage assailed me that I felt my body shudder. The sudden appearance of a snake with its jaws wide open would not have had the same effect !!!!

- I saw her and hated her - She was dressed like me !!! -

Same dress! Same shoes! Same handbag! Same hairdo! Maybe even the same husband, but that didn't matter to me. I hated her with all my strength. It was only the strength of will that prevented me from jumping on her and disintegrating her! I met her with her head held high in a defiant tone, but I pretended to ignore it. When I was at my side I didn't say a word, but I dumped all my grudge on her and in her I noticed a start, maybe I hit her! I waited for her to pass, then turned to look at her ... that anger, she also looked at me and the eyes met.

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