Antonibon Barettoni

The first known document that mentions an Antonibon as a ceramist dates back to September 1685. In such document the Venetian Senate confirms the possession and the permission for the Antonibon and two other associates to “crush stones and grind colours for pots”.

About forty years later, the son of the Antonibon, named Giovan Battista, in the Veduta della Villa di Nove, databile anteriormente il 1790. Sullo sfondo la fabbrica Antonibonfamily palace Dipinto su tela eseguito nel 1943 Facciata della fabbrica Veduta aerea Androne Interno Giardino Interno Interno Interno Interno Antico tornio Interno Vassoio decorato a mano Vecchio forno a legna, pianterreno Vecchio forno a legna, piano superiore Vecchi magazzini Vecchi magazzini Concerto in giardino Decorazioni Cena sotto le stelle in Nove, started an actual dynasty of ceramists, capable of developing and maintaining the production of highly artistic qualities, to the point that in 1732 the Venetian Republic granted them important privileges, and the company subsequently was awarded with numerous international recognitions.

In 1907 the new owner of the factory was a lawyer from Schio named Lodovico Barettoni, who succeeded the ownership to his son Guglielmo who was a chemical engineer, and he subsequently succeeded it to his son named Lodovico who presently owns and manages it with his family.
Due to the young and artistic talents as well as the strong tradition of the people that have worked in this company, it has been able to renew itself with liveliness and originality, as well as acknowledging the chromatic and harmonious shapes, with a refined production in which Nature is the main inspirational source.